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About Us

We Build for the Future


Leaders in Hydrogen Technology

Experienced manufacturing and research

  • Excellent technology with many national patents

  • Modern factory, independent research and development production base.

  • Outstanding technical personnel and management personnel.

100% after‐sales service guarantee

  • Free maintenance in warranty and lifetime maintenance.

  • We provide guidance, commissioning, and professional technical training.

  • Long term service for our customers

Enough Spare parts

  • Guarantee preferential supply of spare parts.

  • Set up spare parts "warehouse" for customers.

  • Assist customer to select spare parts.

High quality equipment 

  • Equipped with a variety of high production quality equipment.

  • We manufacture Key components, we control the quality.

  • The core components are manufactured by CNC machine.

What makes us different

First Class Customer Service

SSHE has an outstanding service team that always put customers first. It is the first company in the hydrogen industry to provide web based customer service: SSHE equipments can be monitored through internet. All systems are safe and stable under the supervisor of our professional staff.


  • SSHE provides technical guidance, commissioning and training support.

  • SSHE Provides 24/7 professional and efficient technical consultation over the phone.

  • SSHE Appoints specialist to visit and inspect running equipment regularly.

  • SSHE establishes and maintain life long user files for each and every customer.


Suzhou Suqing Hydrogen Equipment Co., Ltd, located in the vibrant and inclusive Southeast China, is a high-tech company specialised in the development and manufacturing of products used in the hydrogen energy industry chain.


Our team has been working in the industry since 1993 and has always prioritised the need of customers and innovation. We have an advanced R&D centre, as well as fully-equipped workshops for automatic laser, laser welding, instrument control, container assembly, testing etc.


With such expertise, we successfully secured almost 30 patents, and have clients over the globe, including Germany, USA, Korea, Algeria, Monaco etc. Our products are widely used in, for example, hydrogen energy, solar photovoltaics, conductive contact glass, building materials, electric power, non-ferrous metal, and food industry.

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