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Mid-Pressure Water Electrolysis Set for Hydrogen Production

Water electrolysis is a process that KOH solution is used as the electrolytic solution to produce hydrogen and oxygen from water. The electrolytic cell is of bi-bipolar filter structure, and consists of multiple small electrolytic cells that are in parallel circuit. Thus, it has substantial advantages including compact structure, high density of electric current, high level of operating safety, and reliable casting properties.

Unique Features

  1. Mature casting, advanced technology, integrated design, fully-automatic functioning controlled by PLC   

  2. Reliable manufacturing from our 30 years of experience

  3. Low level of electricity consumption, low operating cost. (A large water electrolysis set requires as low as 4.3kw/h/ m3H2  of direct current)

  4. High pressure, high purity. Operating pressure can be as high as 5.0 Mpa. Oxygen purity can be as high as 99.99999%

  5. No emission, zero pollution, as green as possible.

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