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SQC Hydrogen Purifier

The SQC Hydrogen Purifier uses hydrogen from electrolysis as the raw material. In this set, high-purity hydrogen is attained through gas-water separation, catalytic oxygen removal, adsorptive drying, and filtration. Its processing capacity is  5Nm³/h~5000Nm³/h. The purity level of its hydrogen output can be as high as 99.99%、99.999% or 99.99999%. This allows for wide hydrogen usage in different industries such as electronic, chemical engineering, glass, and renewable energy.

Unique Features

  1. Uses both palladium and platinum as the deoxygenation catalyst, therefore the oxygen level can be equal to or lower than 1ppm. In atmospheric conditions, the oxygen level could also be equal to or smaller than 5ppm 

  2. Uses high-quality molecular sieve with large loading coefficient and fast adsorption rate, therefore the hydrogen’s moisture level is ≤-75℃ dew point 

  3. Uses highly efficient sintered nickel filter tube, with a filtration efficacy rate of 99.9999% and post- dusting molecular size of ≤0.3μm

  4. Purifying working pressure is able to adjust from 0.5~10.0Mpa. The working capacity can exceed 15% of the designated value.

  5. Reusable gas amounts for 5% to 10% of the processing value. No electricity is needed. If reused raw material gas or three-tower process is used, no hydrogen loss occurs

  6. Fully equipped, highly compact, easy to maintain. Automatically operate by PLC or electric dashboard

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